Call Of Duty: Ghosts Hardened And Prestige Collector’s Editions Confirmed


Look, is anything I could possibly post about Call of Duty: Ghosts actually going to surprise you? I mean, outside of Activision announcing a radical shift in direction by inserting flying unicorns into the game as a killstreak? Yeah, I thought not.

Activision have today confirmed the existence of  Hardened and Prestige editions of Call of Duty: Ghosts, after promotional material for both was leaked earlier today on NeoGaf, the scourge of any company attempting to keep something secret.

The Hardened Edition will contain a shiny steelbook for you to display and a Season Pass so that you can gain access to the four downloadable map packs due to arrive after the game’s launch. You’ll also get a spiffy paracord wristband which can be unfolded in an emergency and used as a rope to save someone, or should the need arise to lasso a zombie with. The package also contains the official soundtrack, and playercard and patch for online play, Finally you’ll get the Freefall multiplayer map.

Meanwhile the Prestige Edition contains everything listed above, but also comes with a HD “tactical” camera to be used for planning midnight operations. And yes, fridge raids do count, and don’t let anyone else say otherwise.

Thus far pricing has not been announced for either edition, but don’t expect to be paying less than £60 for the Hardened Edition, I would reckon.

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