Battlefield 4 Beta Will Start In October


EA have announced that the Battlefield 4 Beta will be going live on Xbox, PC and PS3 on October 1st, giving you plenty of time to get some practice in before the game releases on October 29th for North American players and November 1st for those of us in the UK.

The beta will give players a chance to play Conquest mode on the Siege of Shanghai Map.

Previously an “exclusive” beta was announced for anybody that bought Medal of Honor: Warfighter, pre-ordered the Battlefield 4: Digital Deluxe Edition or owned a copy of Battlefield 3 Premium Edition, but EA have not yet announced any details regarding this. In the past EA offered a similiar scheme for Battlefield 3, with those who qualified for the “exclusive” beta being given access 48-hours before everybody else. Presumably EA are planning on doing the same thing for Battlefield 4, so if you meet any of the above requirements expect to get beta access on September 29th.

Interestingly the Battlefield 4 beta is due to go live at around the same time that GTA Online will be released, so I wonder which one players are going to spend more time in.

Meanwhile EA also revealed that Battlefield 4 will be available on Xbox One and Playstation 4 at each consoles launch, so that’s November 19th/21st for North American and UK gamers respectively on Xbox One and November 12th/29th for North America and the UK respectively on PS4.

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