Cryptozoic And Ubisoft Announce Assassin’s Creed: Arena Board Game To Be Released Late February


If you’ve been reading this site for a while then you’ll know that alongside videogames I also have a love for board games, so any time those two joys are combined I’m automatically intrigued.

Cryptozoic and Ubisoft have announced Assassin’s Creed: Arena, a 2-4 player game that aims to replicate the multiplayer elements of the videogames. Taking place in the city of Constantinople players must compete to locate targets to assassinate. In order to kill the target, though, you’ll have to deal with guards and other players. Combat is apparently handled through the use of cards, and Cryptozoic stress that victory in such situations will go to the player who manages their cards the best.

Assassin’s Creed is one of the franchises that first comes to mind when you think of popular video games, and Ubisoft has continued to deliver amazing gaming experiences with each release,” said Adam Sblendorio, board game brand manager at Cryptozoic Entertainment. “We’re thrilled to work with Ubisoft to bring fans of Assassin’s Creed a board game that captures the spirit of the franchise while also providing a deep and enriching board gaming experience.”


In an interesting twist the cards in your hand also act as your hitpoints, so if you run out you die, although in sticking with the videogame theme you’ll soon respawn at the starting area, ready to Creed it up once more. Since attacking other players and even just moving require you to play cards directly from your hand, it should bring an interesting element of risk vs reward.

The rules of the game are already available to download, so you can have a read through them in order to figure out of if it appeals to you.

Currently the game is scheduled to release on 26.02.2014 with a price tag of $50. A UK release was not mentioned, but it seems likely that it will arrive on our shores.

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