Gearbox May Reveal Their New Game This Year, But Will It Be Borderlands 3?


Gearbox have been keeping relatively quiet lately, but it seems that they may have plans to announce their new game this year, and apparently it’s only going to be available on “next” generation platforms, by which they, of course, mean current gen.

Replying directly to a fan on Twitter, Randy Pitchford had this to say:


Naturally this has sparked the interests of Internet fans who are wondering if Pitchford is referring to a new Borderlands title. However, while a new Borderlands is inevitable Gearbox claimed not too long ago that they were not working on Borderlands 3. So, that raises two questions that must be asked: were Gearbox simply lying? After all, companies lie to us all the time, even claiming a certain game doesn’t exist before announcing it days or weeks later. Or is the new game a prequel to Borderlands, in which case Gearbox would not have been lying.

More likely, though, is that gearbox are not announcing Borderlands 3, or at least not yet. So just what are they going to be revealing? A new Aliens game? Or perhaps they’ll be announcing Furious Four, which was previously a Brothers in Arms game, but was recently confirmed in an interview to have dropped the name and gone through “drastic changes”, resulting in a brand new IP.

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