Mortal Kombat X Launches On PC With A Huge Problem


Oh look, yet another game that has massive day-one problems. Brilliant.

Mortal Kombat X arrived today, and plenty of eager gamers were looking forward to playing. However, the forums are currently flooded with gamers havinh a serious problem; parts of the game are missing.

After downloading a chunk of data players loaded up the game to discover that things like story mode and online play weren’t available, while most of the roster were also missing in the available single fight mode. A bit of searching revealed that Steam’s DLC menu for the game had no less than 29 content packs that also needed to be downloaded and installed. Gamers, already a bit annoyed, went ahead and installed these packs only to run into more problems: certain ones refused to be downloaded

Even with all 29 packs, though, people are unable to access story mode, online and even the credits. Sorry, Kredits. Naturally chaos ensued.

If that wasn’t bad enough people who pre-ordered the game to get access to Goro, an iconic Mortal Kombat who should have been available to everyone anyway, can’t select him, either. The most common missing characters seem to be Sub-Zero and Scorpion, which is somewhat amusing considering both warriors are the most recognisable MK fighters.

And if that wasn’t enough others are also reporting that the game crashes whenever they switch controller presets. Various other problems, including consistent crashing, are also being talked about on the Steam forums.

On a happier note there are quite a few gamers who haven’t had any problems so far and are thoroughly enjoying the game.

These problems are perhaps stemming from a new feature of Steam which the developers have taken advantage of, allowing gamers to play a chunk of the game while the rest of it is downloaded in the background, similar to how the Xbox One works. It’s a lovely idea, except that it seems to have gone terrible wrong. In fairness to Netherealm they did make an announcement regarding the pre-load feature, explaining that people would have to download a 3gb piece of the game and then go ahead and use the properties menu to set it to download all the content packs.

Netherealm have stated that they are aware of the problems. They also stated that they are working closely with Steam to resolve the issue, seemingly indicating that Valve is at fault.

Let’s be honest about this, then: it’s a total mess. Exactly where blame lies cannot be determined. Either Valve didn’t properly ensure that their new service works, or Netherealm screwed up somewhere. Or both. It doesn’t matter, however. What does matter is that gamers are yet again suffering through another launch-day cock up.


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  1. I wish they’d take all the game launch dates, and then add 6 months to them for polishing and play testing.

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