Shenmue III Officially Announced As A Kickstarter Campaign, Project Funded In Just Ten Hours

Well, that just happened…

Live during Sony’s E3 press conference they made a shocking announcement by launching a Kickstarter campaign for the long-awaited Shenmue III with a goal of $2-million. Within just ten short hours the project already been funded a shade under 25,000 backers. There’s still some stretch goals to go, too, but as it stands Shenmue III looks set to break some records.

What’s quite interesting is the numbers; over 700 people thus far have pledged $120,  nearly 500 have pledged $160 and over a 1,000 people have decided to give the project $175. Another 1,300 have opted to hand over $300, and 643 people have gone for the $500 tier. One person also snagged the $10,000 pledge which grants Ryo’s original jacket as worn by Masaya Matsukaze during the original press conferences all these years back, while a further three people also pledged $10,000 to get dinner with Yu Suzuki in Japan and original script sets from the first two games. Keep in mind these numbers were taken at the time of writing.

That’s some scary stuff.

A tentative release date of December 2017 has been set with PS4 and PC being mentioned as platforms. Will it come to Xbox? I’m going to say yes.

No pressure or anything, right?


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