Looks Like Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Happening After All

You may have noticed that I don’t tend to post much news here now, and that’s because there’s lots of sites with dedicated teams who can get the news out there a lot quicker than I can. But now and then something comes along that just has to be mentioned. Yup, a new Red Dead game is happening.

Yesterday Rockstar triggered speculation when they changed their Twitter logo to a familiar shade of red, leaving thousands of eager fans wondering if it was a tease for either a direct sequel to Red Dead Redemption or a new entry in the Red Dead series, which a lot of people don’t realise existed before Redemption came along. But today Rockstar have posted a piece of art that all but confirms something is happening that involves the Red Dead franchise, and I couldn’t be happier. Red Dead Redemption is one of my favorite games of all time, and the prospect of seeing  a sequel on today’s hardware gets me all riled up.

When we’ll see it is the big question. It’d be nice to think Rockstar might shock the world by announcing it and then releasing it just before Christmas or something, but late 2017 seems more likely.

Of course, it could still out to be a remaster or something.


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