Weekend Whammy: What Are You Playing This Weekend?

My five-year old niece has now reached the point of reminding me how many sleeps there are until Christmas, and all I can think about is how the sight of Christmas decorations makes me angry BECAUSE IT’S STILL NOVEMEBER, YOU ~£@££! PIECES OF @!=*$%^! I love Christmas, but I swear in September there were stores putting Christmas themed stuff out and Halloween hadn’t even been and gone. What the hell?

The big excitement for this week is that I went and blew all of my money on buying Playstation VR since there were some nice Black Friday bundles available. I wound up getting the headset bundle that comes with the Playstation camera, plus I got Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Fruit Ninja, Firewall: Zero Hour, a pair of Move controllers and a bundle containing Farpoint and the special Aim controller.

I’ve only gotten to play one game very briefly so far, which was  Farpoint, but damn did it make me feel like a giddy little kid. Sure, the graphics are pretty basic and the gameplay is nothing groundbreaking, but it’s so much fun to walk across the surface of an alien planet and feel like you’re actually there, and being able to lift up the Aim controller and see the in-game gun just blew my tiny mind. Then I got to fire the gun and everything just clicked so nicely as I brought it to my eye, aimed down the sight and opened fire. The tracking felt like it was perfectly matching my real-life movements and that made nailing the alien spider creatures feel so, so freaking cool. And then one of those stupid little bastard spiders decided to jump at my face and I reflexivly tried to jump backwards while also punching it in the face. My heart rate jumped, the adreneline kicked in and I was completely sold on the potential of VR.

I’ll come back to my thoughts and feelings on Playstation VR in a seperate article, but suffice to say I’m absolutely jumping up and down to try out more games and I’m hoping to do some VR game reviews down the line.

I also picked myself up a copy of Spyro: Reignited Trilogy so that I can review, and my early impressions are really good. It feels like being punched in the nostalgias because I religiously played Spyro as a kid back in the day, especially the third one. Seeing all my memories recreated in a new, gorgeous graphical style brings a lovely, warm fuzzy feeling to my belly. Or that could have just been the punch to the nostalgias.

The game that continues to soak up my time, though, is Hitman 2. I’m still having a lot of fun roaming the maps and killing targets in silly ways. Sadly, though, I screwed up the first Elusive Target which gave everyone the opportunity to kill of Sean Bean. I went for an explosive kill in a lab and failed to judge just how big said explosion would be, and wound up killing both myself the Bean. Since you only get one chance at an Elusive Target I have to accept in my heart of hearts that if I want to kill Sean Bean I’m going to have to do it the old fashioned way.

As for movies I do want to talk about an intriguing little horror/thriller available on Netflix called Cam. Essentially a girl who works as a cam girl finds her account deleted and someone else who looks identical to her is streaming. It’s an intriguing premise that preys on the dangers of digital profiles being stolen and thus people’s entires lifes essentially being hijacked, while also dealing in themes of your Internet persona becoming an entirely seperate person. It’s a wonderfully acted movie, and I appreciated how it neither attempted to demonize or glorify being a cam girl and instead seemed to treat it maturely. The protaganist, Alice, is unsure of telling her family about her job, but also clearly enjoys her work, puts considerable effort into it and earns good money. It was a really good movie and I’d highly recommend it, though people who love solid resolution and answers might be left frustrated.

Finally, I want to write a few words about the passing of Stan Lee, the Marvel Man himself. I didn’t really know what to say last week so I chose not to write a word about it, but I don’t really know what to say now. Spider-Man was favorite hero growing up and remains my favorite to this day, especially the Ultimate version which kicked off when I was a wee lad. Stan, along with Steve Ditko who also passed away earlier this year, naturally responsible for the creation of Spider-Man and thus played a part in helping shape my own personality. As a kid I admired Peter Parker, and I’m I tried to emulate him in many ways. Including leaping off the couch while pretending I could shoot webs, because what self-respective kid hasn’t done that? And, of course, Sta helped give us the epic Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that’s something we can all be pretty thankful for. You were the man Stan Lee and the world is a little bit worse now that you’ve left it.

So, dear readers, what are you playing this fine weekend?


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