Weekend Whammy: What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It’s the first weekend after the madness of Christmas! I hope everyone reading this had a hell of a time, regardless of how you chose to spend it. Me? I had a good one filled with family and good food. But I also seem to have picked up a cold from somewhere, so right now I’m huddled up in a dressing gown and yelling at anyone who isn’t bringing me Lemsips.

So, the cold has slowed down my work rate, that and the fact that there isn’t a lot of games on the go at the moment. Instead, I’ve just been playing a few titles from the past year, the first being Hitman 2. I’ve gone back and played every level a few more times, then I installed the Legacy pack for good measure. I’ve had a blast finding new ways of trying to murder people, including attempting to complete one level entirely in a ninja outfit using only a sword. No wonder I called it one of the best games of the year.

Oh yeah, you should go and read my list of the best games of 2018! DO IT!

And you should go enter my competition to win Spyro or Darksiders!

The point is Hitman 2 is pretty epic. It disapoints me, then, that initial reports seem to indicate week sales, with roughly 90% less copies than Hitman: Absolution being sold.. The Steam player counts seem to be quite low, too. But the silver-lining is that the sales reports are based purely on physical copies. Black Ops 4 sold terribly as a physical release, but the digital sales were massive, so hopefully Hitman 2 has done the same.

I’ve been attempting to review Guns ‘n Stories: Bulletproof VR on the PS4, but I’ve encountered a game-breaking bug. Right now I’m unsure whether I should publish the review as is, or see if a fix is going to be incoming soon. In the mean time, I’ll trying wiping my save and see if that fixes it.

Sadly the whole cold thing is making VR tricky. After about 2-minutes I’m pretty sure I’m going to fall flat on my face, and I’m deathly afraid of sneezing and going into some sort of universe-melting VR breakdown. But that does raise questions about super-heroes sneezing in their masks. I mean, damn, can you imagine?

The fun I’ve been having with Borderlands 2 VR also encouraged me to finally get around to trying out Borderlands: The Prequel. It’s…okay. It’s mostly just more Borderlands and makes me want a proper Borderlands 3 all the more. It has to happen, right? RIGHT!?

God of War continues to amaze and impress me as I go for my second run through. Although the gameplay is ultimately superb it’s the relationship between Kratos and his son that surprised me. It’s wonderfully handled and proof that video games can do this sort of character driven story even amidst the violence and gory action. As time goes on video game writers are getting more recognition, and God of War is another step in the right direction.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back into hibernation until this damn cold has gone away. Pass the Lemsip, would you?


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