Weekend Whammy

Weekend Whammy: What Are You Playing?

By this weekend I was meant to have my review of Smoke and Sacrifice posted for all the world to read and scoff at. You might have noticed that hasn’t happened. The reason is that pesky cold I caught around New Year has now managed to burrow its way into my sinuses and ears and clog everything up. My right ear feels like it has an ear plug in it, I can’t stand up without falling flat on my face, I’m bouncing madly between being too hot and being too cold, and I have the constant urge to throw up. Needless to say, I am not a happy bunny right now.

So, no review. It’s pretty hard to focus on anything right now. But I am attempting to get it written, and I am slowly getting back in the groove of things. Now if only I could actually hear anything on my right side.

Anyway, review code for the new Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 came in. I was quite a fan of the first one, and so far the sequel seems to just be more of the same. In fact, my initial impressions are that it feels more like a glorified expansion, but it’s early days so things may very well change. Even if they don’t, I’m still having fun commanding massive spaceships.

Being sick did give me the chance to wrap up the first season of The Orville, and boy was I pleasantly surprised. I’d read so many times that it captured the true spirit of Star Trek but never believed it. To my surprise, though, it really does manage to feel so much like Star Trek: The Next Generation. There are patches of action here and there but for the most part the Orville’s crew talks about problems and deals with interesting new cultures.

Of course, it’s a Seth MacFarlane show so there’s plenty of humour sprinkled throughout, yet it works quite nicely and helps give the show a light-hearted vibe. By the end of the first episode I knew the name’s of all the characters, knew the basics of their personalities and liked almost all of them. Compare that to the disaster that is Star Trek: Discovery where I can barely remember anyone’s name and actively dislike most of the characters. Crazy.

I don’t have a heap more to say. Since I’ve been largely out of action I don’t have a lot to chat about, except to say that I’m debating picking up Ace Combat 7 to review. Namco Bandai ignored my requests for review code, so I need to break open the piggy bank and see if I can afford to grab a copy. Is a review something you’d be interested in?

So, what have you guys been playing/watching/reading this week?

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