Weekend Whammy: Decay of Logos, Control & Aquaman Rocks

Another weekend has passed into the annals of history, as time marches toward its inevitable violent conclusion. And on that happy note it’s time for another Weekend Whammy! Huzzah! Buckle up meat bags, because this week I’m taking more about Control, Luigi’s Mansion, Aquaman and Decay of Logos.

Right, once again before we get going I need to stop and ask you to please check out the Go Fund Me page for my friend with terminal cancer. She doesn’t have a lot of time left, but thanks to the government she has a bunch of debt, can’t pay the bills and is struggling just to get food on the table. I’m helping her out as much as I financially can, but if you can spare even £5 it would be amazingly helpful. Again, here’s the link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-a-terminal-cancer-patient

So, this week I reviewed Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure which was actually pretty light on the Cthulhu. Like, the tentacle to normal game ratio was heavily tilted in favour of the normal. Anyway it was a pretty solid point and click adventure game with a beautiful art-style and fun characters, even if the puzzles were too simple.

The point and click genre still has a loyal fanbase who eagerly await every new entry in the genre, and I include myself in that. Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure is far from the best, but it’s a comfortable game with simple puzzles, fun characters, some great humour and a daft story. I’d say this one is for the hardcore fans who want their fix, while everyone else can probably skip over it, unless you’re looking to get into the genre and fancy something straightforward to start off with.
3 out of 5

Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure Review

And then I went and reviewed a monitor, a first on this site and hopefully not the last. Cello have only recently started bringing their products into the UK so it was fun to check out what they’re offering. The 32″ monitor I reviewed didn’t blow me away but for the modest price you get a solid screen and a 144hz refresh rate which makes everything look smoother than a baby’s butt.

The Cello W3203SH isn’t going to blow any minds but if you really fancy joining the glorious 144hz master race then you can get a membership at a reasonable price backed up by decent picture quality and a sizable chunk of screen real estate to boot.

Cello W3203SH Review

The next game review I’ll be doing is going to be Decay of Logos, a sort of blend between the light, airy aesthetics of Breath of the Wild and the harshness of the Souls genre. It sounds pretty awesome on paper and the game does indeed have some cool moments and ideas, but by the luscious hair on Thor’s head I bloody hate Decay of Logos. The combat has been nothing short of infuriating, there are horrible bugs and it has one of the most annoying companions I’ve ever dealt with. I’m hoping, however, that as I play a patch or two might come out and that the game might improve further on. Y’know, if I’m willing to keep playing long enough to find out.

*sigh* The thing about Decay of Logos is that it’s a small game made by four people. I genuinely hate saying bad things about games like that, because regardless of how I feel about the game itself it’s clear the developers put everything into making it, and what they did for such a small team is downright impressive. Hell, I couldn’t even code something to say hi let alone make a whole game. But I can’t go easy on them because once you start asking money for something there comes with that expectations of quality. I always side with the consumer because ultimately the consumer doesn’t know the game’s development history or the people behind it, they simply know the finish product and whether it feels like it was worth their hard-earned cash.

I’m also going to cover the new Blair Witch game. Who doesn’t want to amble around a dark forest using a crappy torch? It sounds like the perfect holiday, especially given the political chaos here in the UK. The feelings for the game seem to be mixed, so we’ll see how it goes.

Meanwhile, my adventures in Luigi’s Mansion continue, and I have to say I think I love this game. It’s so simple yet ludicrously charming. I love capturing ghosts, solving the puzzles and exploring the environments. I think I’m actually seriously considering trying to get a Switch Lite or regular Switch just to be able to play Luigi’s Mansion 3. Yes, I’m enjoying it that much.

On the movie front I sat down and watched Aquaman with the lowest of expectations, but by the end I was thoroughly impressed. It’s corny and cheesy but in the right ways, fully embracing its comic book origins and delivering an epic tale. Jason Momoa kills it as Aquaman, practically oozing charisma in the role. And boy, it looks absolutely amazing in 4k! I had thought the traditional Aquaman yellow and green costume would look a bit silly on the screen, but when Momoa strode out of a waterfall sporting the classic look I had to take a moment to compose myself. God damn, that was some badass looking armour! I think what impressed me the most, though, was that they made the underwater action convincing and fun. It looks a bit silly but you quickly accept the weirdness of it, and once you do the way characters float in the ocean and move through the water looks great.

Jumping back to games for a moment I’ve been following something with great interest. I didn’t mention it in my review, but Control, my current favorite game of the year, has a bunch of Easter eggs which confirm it exists within the same world as the Alan Wake games. You can check out all the big ones in this article by GamesRader+. While I can’t confirm it because I never played it, I imagine Quantum Break and Control are linked, too. Are Remedy busy making their own little connected universe? That’d be awesome.

It’s also been pretty fascinating following some of the discussion around Control’s story, ending and characters. For me, the janitor Ahti is the most intriguing question that comes out of the story, his unique role in the world and the many hints that are dropped raising some rather interesting questions about who or what he could be. If you’ve got some thoughts on it I’d love to hear ’em.

Finally, before we finish this Weekend Whammy up I wanted to quickly touch upon some sad news: Anthoine Hubert was killed at the weekend during a crash in the Formula 2 event. I’m an avid F1 watcher so I just wanted to say how horrible it was, and wish his family all the best. Motorsport is a risky business and the drivers know those risks all too well, but these days safety is leaps ahead of what it once was and so fatal accidents are far less common. That just makes it all the more shocking when it does occur. Anthoine was one hell of a racer, and very likely a future F2 and F1 champion. It’s truly a tragedy that we won’t have the pleasure of watching him race again.

And let’s not forget Juan Manuel Correa who was also involved in the accident. He has suffered fractures to both legs and a minor spinal injury. Thankfully he’s stable and looks like he’ll make a full physical recovery. All the best to you Juan Manuel Correa.

That’s all for this week my friends.


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