Update on the last Weekend Whammy

Hey folks,

Just a quick update on why there hasn’t been a written version of my previous Weekend Whammy. The plan was to transcribe my audio (with proper editing to make it work in written form) and post it up as a regular Weekend Whammy. Had I been smart I would have used some speech-to-text software while I was recording the episode to gave me a basic transcript to work from, but obviously I’m dumber than a brick with brain-damage.

Anyway, some things have happened this weekend which have held things up. Some family friends have passed away, and family friend is struggling with health issues. And on top of that, a member of my Mum’s family went missing for a short while. It’s hectic, like everything has just hit at once, and I haven’t found the time to transcribe the audio yet. It’s a tad tricky, too, because while I am a reasonably fast typer, transcribing is harder than I thought, so a 25-minute episode is probably going to take 2-3x the amount of time to transcribe using my sausage fingers.

At the moment, I don’t know if I’ll transcribe this episode. I might leave it until the next episode and try to get everything back on track then, or I might see about getting it professionally transcribed because I feel like I’m letting myself and you guys down by not at least trying to get the Weekend Whammy out. In a perfect world I’d love to get a profession to transcribe every episode going forward, and I’d love my sound engineer friend to edit every episode, but that’s unlikely unless I win the Lottery or something.

So yeah, that’s the situation. I’ll have a review coming out in the next day or two and a narrated version of that, too.

Thanks for your patience, folks,

Play hard, love hard.


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