Weekend Whammy ep-3: Sony Being Ass-Hats & Game Pass Chat (AUDIO)

The audio version of this week’s Weekend Whammy is finally up, so kick back and listen to my dumb voice rambling about Game Pass being awesome for multiplayer, getting annoyed at Sony for not warning Vita developers about the story shutting down, loot boxes being linked to gambling AGAIN and loads more.

Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.15: Rambling About The Steam Deck Wolf's Gaming Podcast

Welcome back to the Wolf's Gaming Podcast, the best videogame podcast as voted for by my Mum! After missing a week I'm back to ramble about how cool the Steam Deck could be! But I also chat about some VR games, why Nightwish is freaking awesome and more. For my reviews, you can go to http://www.wolfsgamingblog.com Podcast theme music by Transistor.fm. Learn how to start a podcast here
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  3. Mario Golf: Super Rush Review – A Rushed Bogey
  4. Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.13: Best Games of 2021 So Far & Mario Golf Is Lacking
  5. Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.12: How To Review Remakes & Is Kojima Up To Something Silent Hill Related?

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