Hey folks,

I realise I haven’t posted anything on the site in weeks. That’s not hugely uncommon for me but it’s still worth talking about for those of you who care. Hi. I’m still alive and kicking.

I’ve mentioned in passing dealing with some real-life drama. Bluntly, I’ve been dealing with a family member who has been a heavy alcoholic for the past couple of years. Lately that means a lot of driving from sheltered housing to sheltered housing, trying to keep them fed, dealing with blow-ups and kids and so on. The good news is they’ve made a decision to get sober and its going well so far.

Anyway, as a result my planned review of MotoGP ’22 is taking ages, I’ve not even touched that new Samurai game on Game Pass, barely looked at my Emails and don’t have a friggin clue what’s coming out soon.

So yeah, I’m sorry about the lack of reviews. Hopefully everything is getting back on track now.


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