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Ridge Racer Unbounded!

Namco Bandai have announced the latest addition to their massive Ridge Racer series. The new game is titled Ridge Racer Unbounded and is heralding a big chance for the series as Bugbear Entertainment – the guys behind Flatout: Ultimate Carnage – take control and chance the close track […]

Homefront Delayed

THQ have announced that their stunning looking new shooter Homefront is to be delayed resulting in thousands of fans boycotting the game! Oh, wait. It’s only been delayed by a week? Scratch the boycotting by thousands of fans, it’s a week. This delay puts the game’s new release […]

Nail’d – Review

  Release Date: February 4th for the UK. Out now in North America Developer:  Techland Publisher: Deep Silver Singleplayer: yes Multiplayer: yes PEGI: 12 Nail’d officially holds the record for worlds fastest off-road racer, and it’s certainly something to see it action as you fly at breakneck speeds around […]