Sony To Reveal “Huge New PS3 Exclusive” Next Thursday

It seems that Sony are really looking to make a big impact this week. Just last they revealed God of War: Ascension sending a shiver down the spines of gamers every where, and now they’re planning on announcing another Playstation 3 exclusive this Thursday on GTTV.

The news comes courtesy of Geoff Keighly, a games journalist and the presenter of GTTV, who had this to say via his Twitter account:

So exactly what could this “huge” new exclusive actually be? The fact that they’re unveiling it at the show rules out the new God of War game, but a clue has come courtesy of Sony themselves who have just registered a domain name for something called Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal, as well as having registered a shorter domain name of Thanks to Playstationlifestyle for catching these domain name registrations.

So, what could this mystery title be? Will it indeed be something “huge”, or will it turn out to be something utterly useless. We’ll just have to wait until Thursday to find out.

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