Help Save Inside Xbox In Europe!

Unknown to many gamers, the beloved Inside Xbox channel which brings us weekly shows like SentUAMessage and Nexus is under threat of being shut down. The American Inside Xbox channel, which was fronted by Major Nelson, has already been canned by Microsoft and now the European version may go the same way, and that would be a true shame as Mr. Pointyhead and Farrantula have been providing us with great entertainment and gaming news for some time now.

However, under the recent Dashboard update the Inside Xbox channel has been buried under a pile of sub-menus and irritating advertisements that want to make you buy things that no sane person would ever actually want to purchase, meaning that fewer and fewer people are even aware of its existence. If you are one of those people then I urge you to go hunt through the menus and watch some of the content that Inside Xbox has created. It’s genuinely funny stuff.

So, how can you help save the beloved channel? Simple: go and sign this petition to we can continue to get quality programs on our Xbox for free:

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