Holy Crap! There’s Adverts On The Site!

Hello everyone,

So, if you come here regularly, which I’m pleased to say a lot of you do, then you might have noticed something a little bit different about the site: adverts. Namely the one to the right of the screen and the one at the very top of the screen.

These are courtesy of’s new AdWords plan, which allows sites like my own to host advertising. All we do is turn on AdWords, and everything is automatic from there. Sadly that means I don’t get a choice in what ads are run or their placement, but that’s not a big deal at the moment provided that they don’t start showing kinky adverts. At that point I might have to draw the line 😀

I won’t lie to you: the only reason to have adverts on the site is to try to earn a little extra money to help keep the site running and the games flowing, because while we’re lucky enough to get a lot of games from the publishers there’s still some we have to buy. Most of all, though, it’s my hope that one day we can earn enough from the Ads that I can start paying people like Andrew Hallam who write for this site. At the moment they do it simply because, like me, they love to write about games! And play them of course, but that’s just obvious.

So, this is where you guys come in by letting us know if you find the Ads to be annoying or if they slow down the site. If you do, then we’ll get rid of them. Simple as that.

Aside from that, stay tuned for  reviews of the Witcher 2, Fireburst, Warlock: Master of the Arcane, Dragon’s Dogma and Bloodforge, as well as others.

Right, I’m off to go see a man about a horse. As always, thank you everyone for being awesome.

Baden A.K.A Wolf of Wolf’s Gaming Blog.

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  1. We both no that’s not what i was getting at. What I’m getting at is you asking people to click links. It’s against policy, you should know this, you probably do. I’d advise to quit being smug and take some advice.

    • I sent them a message regarding what I was planning to do before I activated the ads and they didn’t seem to have a problem with it, but to be safe I have removed the segment saying that to support the site blah blah blah.

      Look, Sean, I appreciate the advice, mate, and the concern. You’re likely right: despite what they said, I’d probably still get kicked for it.

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