Borderlands 2 Season Pass Announced, Along With DLC Plans

It seems that Gearbox believe the current trend of providing season passes for games is one worth pursuing as they’ve today announced a Season Pass for Borderlands 2. The Season Pass will become available to purchase on September 18th, the day Borderlands 2 launches, for 2400MSP on Xbox Live or $29.99 on PC and Playstation 3.

So what exactly are you getting for your money? Well, over the course of the next year Gearbox are planning on releasing a grand total of four add-on campaigns, and by purchasing the Season Pass you’ll receive one of these packs for free, saving you a grand total of 800MSP or $9.99. If you choose not to purchase the Season Pass then you can pick up each piece of add-on content as they’re released for 800MSP or $9.99 apiece, totalling 3600MPS or $39.96 for all four of them.

According to Gearbox,” These four add-on content campaigns will each feature several hours of gameplay and introduce new adventures, allies, enemies and environments.”

Given that Gearbox’s previous DLC work for the original Borderlands was a little hit and miss, releasing some good and some bad content, it remains to be seen whether purchasing the Season Pass will really be a wise idea rather than simply waiting for each piece of DLC to be released whereupon more information will be available to help you

Keep in mind that the previously announced Mechromancer class DLC will not be a part of the Season Pass, so if you want that you’ll either have to pre-order the game or purchase it when it becomes available to download.

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