The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dragonborn Add-On Officially Announced With Trailer

The existence of another DLC pack for Bethesda’s sprawling fantasy game hasn’t exactly been kept a secret. Thanks to nosey gamers rooting through the files in Bethesda’s previous update for Skyrim we already had suspicions of what the DLC would be called and what it may contained. For example evidence suggested it would be called Dragonborn and would feature the ability to ride dragons! And guess what! There is another piece of DLC, it is called Dragonborn and it does allow you to ride dragons!

But that’s not the really interesting thing, because you see what we didn’t know from the files was exactly what the basis of this new DLC is. As the mighty Dragonborn in Skyrim it’s pretty easy to feel all-powerful, like the most badass person on the freakin’ planet. But the thing is nobody actually told you that you were unique: you’re a Dragonborn, which is cool and everything, but you weren’t the first…..

Before you there was another and he ruled over the island of Solstheim. Obviously now the evil bastard is attempting to make a comeback and retake Solstheim for his own, and it’ll be up to you to gear up and go stop him. “He was once one of them, the Dragon Priest,” intones the trailers narrator. “He ruled here in their name, ruled over Solstheim. But he did not serve the dragons, he devoured them. And like them he seeks to return.” So what we’re getting at here is Dragonborn vs Dragonborn. Sounds awesome, right?

And it just keeps getting better: Solstheim is obviously a whole new area for us to explore, and that means getting around the place in style. Cue the ability to ride dragons, which the trailer shows off twice. Now, keep in mind that the trailer may just be showing off scripted moments, but it does seem like they’re actually controllable, which would be, you know, the greatest thing ever! There’s also no guarantee if you’d be able to ride a dragon around Skyrim or if it’ll be limited to the new island.

 Throw on top of that some new weapons, armor and enemies and you’ve got a pretty sweet looking add-on that should hopefully last a good while.

Be prepared to shell out some serious money to get it all, though, as the Dragonborn add-on is going to cost 1,600 Microsoft Space Credits, or whatever they are. And if the fact that I didn’t mention pricing that wasn’t in Microsoft Points wasn’t enough of a clue for you, the only platform currently officially confirmed by Bethesda for Dragonborn to be available on is the Xbox 360. Further pricing and platform details will hopefully be confirmed in the future, but for now Playstation 3 and PC owners are in the dark. Not that Playstation 3 owners are too happy with Bethesda, anyway.

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  1. I think you may have misheard the narrator in that trailer. I’m fairly certain he says ‘dragonpriest’ not ‘dragonbeast. When he mentions that ‘he ruled solstheim in their stead’, the visual is of a monument and mural commonly found in Skyrim which is associated with the legendary group known as The Dragon Cult and it’s leaders, the Dragon Priests. Excellent write-up btw, this is the first I’ve heard of this DLC, so much appreciated.

    • Hey,

      First, thanks to the comment. Now, I thought that at first as well, but it sounded like Beast so I went with that. But I’ve gone back and listened to it a few times now and I believe you’re right: it’s Dragonpriest, which as you say would match the trailer far better. Bit of a “doh” moment.

      There’s quite a few sites seem confused as to whether it’s Dragon Priest or Dragon Beast 😀

  2. yeah, but, calling him “dragonbeast” has a nice ring to it. it kinda sets him apart from the dragonborn.
    I like it! we should give him that fan title!
    the dragonbeast……yeah,…… because he’s beast, to quote the usual term, and it’s true!
    the trailer had him devouring three lesser dragons at the same time! it was all the dragonborn could do to devour one!
    let’s make this official, as of right now, this new evildoer is called the dragonbeast by the fans.

    • DragonBeast does sound pretty awesome….

      I hereby decree, by the imaginary power vested in me by the Internet, and because I bloody well want to, that he shall henceforth be known as the DragonBeast, a badass among badasses, the Dragonborn of Dragonborn’s, the dragon slayer of all dragon slayers.

  3. Damn, he used his internet powers. I have been defeated. I acknowledge your victory and the superiority of the term Dragonbeast.

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