Far Cry 3 – Story Trailer

We’re just a little away from the launch of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3, and it’s looking rather special so far. But what’s all the fuss about? For me it comes down to the fact that Ubisoft are promising a story that delves into human psycholigally, looking at what makes us tick and how far we’d go to rescure those we know and love. Personally I’m always interested in anything that takes a look at human nature, and should Ubisoft pull it off for Far Cry 3 we might just be in for a treat.

Check out the story trailer below for an idea of what I’m talking about:

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  1. Hi, I can express my views after plunging a few weeks 😉


    1 – Scenario treated to the end and memorable characters
    2 – Map gigantic and very successful topography
    3 – varied bestiary
    4 – the skills, they are original in stealth
    5 – Random Events that give very much present life, interest and personality to the game
    6 – Content rich (collectibles, related activities, challenges)
    7 – very pleasant driving
    8 – opportunity to climb with good animations
    9 – The map editor allows this time to integrate AI solo (for once the solo is an advantage compared to multi)
    10 – the manual you will see in one glance our progress and rewards for each type of activity


    1 – Engine graphic reminds me too much of the 2
    2 – weapons too easily accessible (free????)
    3 – Lack of interaction with autochtones, For example impossible to recruit rakyats, or ride with them in a vehicle in an “official” way :p
    4 – weather and rain untapped unconvincing
    5 – AI better but still perfectible
    6 – Weapons signing not unusual and attractive
    7 – weapons clumsy shortcut, i think, it need review
    8 – even improved, running really slow
    9 – not enough usable objects (only selling while some are really interesting to integrate into the gameplay as the glow sticks)
    10 – no treasures and artefacts really could give some unique benefits.

    These are just mine 😉

    More details:

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