Don’t Expect To See Darksiders 3 In The Next 2-Years, Says Reinhard Pollice Of Nordic Games


In April of this year Nordic Games spent $5-million to acquire a vast number of THQ’s IPs, and while they’ve yet to really lay the foundations for their plans going forward, Reinhard Pollice, who handles Nordic’s business and product development, did reveal some interesting snippets of information regarding what is arguably the companies most important acquirement: Darksiders.

Speaking to Joystiq about their recent acquisition of a large chunk of THQ’s catalogue, the topic of Darksiders 3 came up and Pollice was more than happy to chat briefly about it, saying that Nordic really want to take their time with a sequel and ensure that it gets the treatment it deserves, the first step of which is finding the right people to develop it:

“Darksiders is really big. We know we need a partner for that. An established development team that can pull out such a big action adventure. We obviously talked to former team members and, if they are free, we want to somehow involve them. If they are allowed to because, you know, some of them found other jobs or are with Crytek now,” said Pollice.

Would Crytek themselves perhaps be willing to take on development duties? That would ensure that a fair number of ex-Vigil employees get to be involved in the project, helping to ensure that Darksiders 3 stays true to the first two games.

Regardless of who gets to develop the game, Pollice stated that because Nordic which to take their time with the game we shouldn’t expect to see it anytime soon:

“I would not look for a Darksiders 3 before two years from now.”

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