GTA V On PC To Be x64 Bit And Feature Direct X 11 Support?


Considering every Grand Theft Auto game before it has arrived on PC, it seems pretty likely that Rockstar will get around to bringing GTA V to computer, and some newly spotted source code within the PS3 edition of the game seems to not only confirm this, but also some other exciting details.

A cunning Reddit user ripped apart the code for the game and presented his findings to the world. There’s numerous lines of code that reference a PCversion of the game. Most of the rest of it is jargon that’s not too important, but there are some intriguing snippets of information:

  • 985459 – PC – [PT][PB] Crash – > game_win32_beta_dx11.exe!strRequest::Release() Line 47 + 0xf bytes C++
  • 614622 – [LB][PT][LDS][DX11] Blooms too much on smog weather setting.

Both of these pieces of code refer to Direct X 11 features.  Meanwhile this piece of code:
“(no x64 prebuild cover) – Boot checks completed only.” refers to x64 bit support, meaning that GTA V on PC, should it actually exist, can use more than 4GB of ram, opening up the possibility of very high texture packs from either Rockstar themselves or modders, assuming that Rockstar don’t just build them straight into the game.

You can find the full rundown of discovered code on the Reddit page here:

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