Competition Time: Win A Copy Of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag On Playstation 4


Christmas is nearly upon us and with it all comes all the ghoulish terrors of…wait, that’s Halloween. Sorry, my bad.

The point is that Christmas is coming, and therefore it makes some sense to give away a game or two. Courtesy of the boys and gals over at Ubisoft I’ve got a copy of the awesome Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag on Playstation 4 to give away. How awesome? Read my review to find that out. Shameless plug, for the win.

This is a promotional copy of the game I’m giving away, the kind supplied to media outlets before a game’s launch in order for it to be reviewed. It comes in a simple, clear jewel case and the disc itself has a fairly basic white design with red lettering and the words, “promo only” stamped across the top, just in case it wasn’t clear enough.

This also means that shops won’t accept it as a trade-in. You’ve been warned.

So, how do you win?

Well, to ensure anyone has a chance of winning I’m keeping this simple: just send an Email to with the subject line, “AC Competition.” In the body of the Email just write, “Give me that game!” or whatever else you want along with your address. That’s it. I’ll pick the winner at random.

Sadly this competition is only open to UK residents, as shipping games outside of the UK is expensive. This is a real shame because according to the magical stats tracker the majority of people who read this site are actually from the US. Sorry, guys!

On the plus side for anyone entering this competition this is not IGN or Gamespot. Millions of people a month do not pass through this site, and therefore you’ve got a far, far better chance of actually winning a competition here than you do with the likes of them.

The closing time for entries will December 19th at 11pm, at which point I’ll select the winner and post out the game. The winner will be notified by Email.

Please note that due to the proximity of Christmas postal delays are likely. I would suggest doing a rain dance to speed delivery up, but that wouldn’t help in the slightest. It’d just make stuff wet.

Good luck, everybody!


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