Are Ubisoft Working On A 2D Prince Of Persia Game?


According to French gaming website Portail Du Jeu Video Ubisoft are currently working on a brand new Prince of Persia game which will use the UbiArt Engine, which powers the brilliant Rayman: Legends, as well as upcoming game Child of Light.

The report goes on to state that the game will use a similiar animation technique to the one seem in the Rayman games to create the sensation of a 3D Prince.

When Eurogamer asked Ubisoft about the Prince of Persia franchise last year, they replied: “It will happen when we feel it is ready, when the creators have brought something interesting. That’s the case for all our franchises. They’re cooking. Some are cooking longer than others, but they’re cooking.”

The Prince of Persia franchise was last seen in 2013 with The Shadow and the Flame, a mobile game. The last time the series appeared on console was back in 2010 with the surprisingly solid The Forgotten Sands. The classic series is certainly due a comeback, and the swap back to 2D might just be what it needs, especially when you consider how wonderfully Rayman’s return to a flat plane worked out.

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