Mortal Kombat X Gameplay Footage Is Satisfyingly Brutal

Having been teased over the past few months and finally announced last week by Ed Boon, we’ve finally been treated to a brief glimpse of Mortal Kombat X gameplay, and damn is it brutal.

Despite being short the trailer gives us some solid information. For starters we’ve got a classic match of Sub-Zero vs Scorpion, in which we several new moves, including Sub-Zero being able to throw his own ice clones. furthermore the trailer shows of several new characters, and confirms that parts of the environment can now be used as weapons, as seen in Injustice.

X-Ray moves are back, and as awesome as ever. Plus the general level of brutality is just right for a Mortal Kombat game.

It’s hardly a revolution, but considering just how much I loved 2011’s reboot, I can live with that.

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