Has Airtight Games Closed Down?

Picture courtesy of GeekWire

Picture courtesy of GeekWire

It seems that the developer of the thoroughly enjoyable Murdered: Soul Suspect may have closed down mere weeks after the game’s launch.

Website Geekwire went to pay a visit to the company in Redmond, only to find a sigh outside of the building saying that the company had closed its door, and was selling off all of its office equipment at heavy discount prices.

Earlier this year Airtight laid off a total of 14 people, claiming that doing so was merely part of standard work flow.  “This restructuring is part of the normal ebb and flow of game production. Existing projects are on schedule and Airtight Games is actively seeking partners for exciting upcoming projects.”

However, now it seems this was a sign of things to come.

The company’s official website is still live and makes no mention of the company’s closure, but nor has it been updated in quite. Even Murdered: Soul Suspect is still classed as “Coming soon.” Likewise the company’s official Facebook page has not been updated since June 11th, with the last post pointing towards a discount for Murdered: Soul Suspect on Steam.

No official announcement has been made by Airtight, and none of the company’s press contact’s are currently answering inquiries.

So, in short it does seem like Airtight Games had shut down, and that’s incredibly sad, not just for those who have lost their jobs but for the industry as a whole, and for us gamers to. At least their last title was a worthy one to end on.

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