Is Tony Hawk Teasing A New Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Game?

Tony Hawk has teased his most recent project once again by sharing an outstanding video where  Rob Wootton mimics the character select screen from Tony Hawks Pro Skater.

“I’m sharing this since our next game was “leaked” recently THPS fans rejoice” Stated Tony Hawk, once again referencing the classic series. Earlier this year he also sent out Tweets saying, “A romantic poem for your Valentine’s Day. Also – we are working on a new THPS to be released this year. Love, Tony” and, “I’m currently working with Activision on a console game for 2015 (along with a new mobile game). I think fans of THPS series will be hyped.”

His Tweets seem pretty clear: there’s going to be a new Pro Skater game due for release this year. Hopefully he’s not referring to the mobile game, but rather the console one.

But on the topic of skateboarding, where the hell is my Skate 4, EA?


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