Wolf’s Gaming Podcast Ep. 11: Was E3 2021 A Little Lacking?

I’m back with the 11th episode of the shoddy Wolf’s Gaming Podcast and as you might expect this episode is all about E3 and the many games revealed there. As such, it’s the longest episode to date, clocking in at just a little under 50-minutes, which is probably the absolute limit of how long someone can listen to my voice without jumping in front of a moving truck.

Oh, and you might notice me getting 2K and Take-Two mixed up. Professional, right?

Microsoft took the top step in an E3 that lacked the magic of previous years as the lack of a live crowd and getting to watch nervous but passionate developers get up on stage and talk about their games really drained the show of its usual fun. Still, Microsoft bolstered Game Pass yet again with 33 new titles coming to the service, and then revealed the new Forza Horizon 5 which looks close to photo-realistic. Meanwhile, the Halo Infinite free-to-play multiplayer looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Other notable stuff? Well, Metroid Dread is actually real and actual coming out this year which is…it’s pretty amazing really. There’s a sequel to Mario + Rabbids, too, which makes me all sorts of excited.

And there was also the incredibly awkward 2K showcase where they held a bloody zoom meeting and talked about equality and diversity and social justice in the middle of a videogame show. And Randy Pitchford make Eli Roth look really uncomfortable on the set of the Borderlands movie. To be fair, Pitchford can make anybody uncomfortable. He doesn’t even need to be near them.

It wasn’t an amazing E3 this year. Nothing amazed and stunned, nothing blew minds or caused panties to drop. But considering E3 was constrained to be a digital event this year and considering the industry is still clearly reeling from the pandemic, I think the show was pretty solid. It certainly showed us that 2022 is going to be packed with awesome games.

Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.14: Movie Talk & Switch OLED Wolf's Gaming Podcast

Welcome back my friends, to the 14th episode of the podcast. There wasn't heaps of news this week that really caught my attention, but of course, we do need to talk about the newly announced Switch OLED which has left the Internet feeling a little let-down. And there's a new Assasin's Creed to talk about, except this one might be a live service platform that encompasses all the future games. I'm also going to chat about two movies: Werewolves Within, a fun horror-comedy based on the game of the same name, and War for Tomorrow, the enjoyable sci-fi romp starring Star Lord himself, Chris Pratt. Also in this episode I try out background music. Let me know what you think of that! Can you hear my sweet, sexy, sultry tones? You can check out the best-written videogame reviews in the universe at Podcast theme music by Learn how to start a podcast here
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