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Half-Life 3 Achievements Revealed?

If you’ve even been paying the slightest bit of attention to the gaming world then you’re probably aware that there’s a considerable amount of rumour and speculation surrounding Half-Life 3 at the moment. Primarily that the game will be revealed at this years VGA Awards, especially since a […]

Rayman 3 On XBLA in 2012

It seems the love for HD remakes just keeps going and going. Following the  recent release of the well received Rayman: Origins, Ubisoft have confirmed that a HD remake of Rayman 3 will be hitting XBLA next year. Rayman 3 was released way back in 2003 on both […]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Review

Release Date: Out Now! Developer: Infinity Ward Publisher: Activision Singleplayer: Yes Splitscreen: Yes Multiplayer: Yes PEGI: 18+ (Thanks to Activision for providing a copy of Modern Warfare 3 for review) After much fanboy bickering on the internet, promises of boycotting the series and plenty of broken hearts Modern Warfare […]

Battlefield 3 – Review

Release Date: Out Now! Developer: DICE Publisher: EA Singleplayer: Yes Splitscreen: No Multiplayer: Yes PEGI: 16+ The hype has been building, the insults have been flung and the fanboys have gone to war, leaving scattered body parts and blood covered corpses in their wake. It’s been a hell of a […]