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XtendPlay – Interview with the creators.

Whenever a new gaming accesory is released it always catches my interest, and XtendPlay is something very different indeed. Judging from the pictures it’s understandable that you might be a little suspicious of the product. It claims to make holding the controller more comfartable and eases the infamous […]

LotsofGames – Interview!

Following up my interview with Zeitgeist is an interview with another famous Youtube gamer and another of my favorites! LotsofGames has made himself popular thanks to his passion for games and on his channel you’ll fine collection videos, unboxings and more. You can find the link to his […]


1. Sup Holmes. What’s the happy haps, player? (That’s street talk) Not much. I hate Mondays. I want to stab them in the face.   2. If there was an unexplained apocalypse like in ‘The Road’ (No more animals and no plants could grow) and you could magically […]

Dynamic Sausage-Interview

1. A sausage is one of the least dynamic objects on the planet, being that it’s minced pork and rusk inside a synthetic skin rolled into a cylindrical shape, so really your Gamertag is a bit of a paradox; Was that the reasoning behind it? Have you never […]


  When I see your Gamertag I think of that song “Cold As Ice” by M.O.P; What’s your name, what do you do and why do you have a Gamertag that reminds me of that song?   LOL – “Cold As Ice” was a cool song!  But there’s […]


1. There was a jetpack in that one Bond film and an awesome Jetpack in GTA:SA; Why is that your gamertag? Is it your real name? I bet it isn’t.   Unfortunatly no, my name isn’t Jetpack – curse my parents! I did actually get it from playing […]

Connor net-Interview

  And today we have the very first interview conducted by Fatmond. Who’s that you ask? We’re not sure, he turned up one day, raided the fridge and drank the beers before handing us this interview and wandering back onto the street, let’s hope he keeps it up […]