DOOM Review – So. Much. Gore.

I need to amend my article from a short while ago detail my seven favorite games of 2016 so far, because DOOM needs to be right near the top with the Witcher 3’s Blood & Wine DLC. This is a return to a simpler time of lighting fast movement and balls-to-the-wall shooting that leaves you a little bit breathless and a whole lot happy. It’s exciting, visceral and a whole bunch of other PR friendly words that you’d probably find adorning a press release. DOOM kills it throughout the entirety of its campaign. It’s only misteps are its forays into the realms of competitive multiplayer.

Furi Review – Furious Concentration

Platforms: PC, PS4 Reviewed On: PC Developer: The Game Bakers Publisher: The Game Bakers Singleplayer: Yes Multiplayer: No Review code provided free of charge by the developers. Oh, Furi, why couldn’t you have launched last week? If you had arrived earlier you would have easily made it onto my list of favorite games from the…

The Technomancer Review – Spiders Are Getting Betting At This

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4 and PC Reviewed On: PC Developer: Spiders Publisher: Focus Home Interactive Singleplayer: Yes Multiplayer: No Review code supplied free of charge by the publisher. Spiders certainly don’t lack vision, their previous titles Mars: War Logs and Bound by Flame attempting to replicate the likes of The Witcher, Mass Effect and Dragon…

Dead by Daylight Review – Slasher Movie: The Videogame

Platforms: PC Reviewed On: PC Developer: Behavior Digital Inc. Publisher: Starbreeze Studios. Singleplayer: No Multiplayer: Yes God, but do I love Dead by Daylight’s entire premise. As a horror movie fan the idea of a multiplayer game where one player takes on the role of a brutal killer and must hunt four other people down…

Paypal Leaks Steam Summer Sale Date (Again)

At some point Valve have presumably given up and put Paypal in charge of announcing when the Steam summer sale will begin, since the company consistently manages to leak the date ahead of time. According to Paypal Steam’s summer sale will begin on June 23rd. Thus far all previous leaks have proven accurate. This seemingly…

Dreadnought Preview – It’s So Damn Pretty

Most gamers have an understandable sceptisicm when it comes to free-to-play games, and rightfully so. The majority of them turn out to be nothing more than cynical cash-grabs where the developers blatantly try to push people towards breaking out their walleys by making earning in-game items through normal play a tedius grind, and ensuring that things which can only be bought with real money offer powerful advantages. Sometimes, though, we get something that seems to respect its audience by giving them a well designed game, relying on the fans to help support it. Such is the case with Dreadnought, a 5v5 tactical shooter about humungous capital ships clashing in a violent display of destruction. Currently in closed beta I checked the game out and came away feeling pretty hopeful for the full release.

Stellaris Review – To Boldly Click Where No Man Has Clicked Before

Right now the human race is pondering ways of achieving ways to leave our solar system and colonize other planets. Theories on how to terraform Mars or to set up a base on the moon are thrown around constantly. Despite the fact that we’ve yet to sort out our own planet, we already want to travel through space and seek out new planets and life. Stellaris, the new strategy game from genre veteran Paradox, lets you take control of humans or an alien race who embarking on their first forays into the universe, guiding them through the process of setting up a galactic empire, building a military, colonizing new planets, researching powerful technology, handling diplomacy and declaring way. It’s big and flawed and sometimes ugly, but at its core Stellaris is a compelling experience.

Offworld Trading Company Review – Capitalism. Capitalism Never Changes.

Offworld Trading Company is the very first game from Mohawk Games. A company’s first attempt is always interesting because you’re seeing the birth of a potential new giant in the land of videogame development, or the inevitable sinking of yet another company doomed to fail. But of course many first attempts tend to be rough around the edges, perhaps showing signs of what the team is capable of years down the road but ultimately lacking in the here and now. Offworld Trading Company, though, is brilliant.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Review – WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

Platforms: PC Reviewed On: PC Developer: Tindalos Interactive Publisher: Focus Home Interactive Singleplayer: Yes Multiplayer: Yes Review code provided free of charge by the publisher. The Warhammer 40K universe is one of perpetual war, a never-ending dance of destruction as every race has become consumed with nothing more that the complete annihilation of everything else…