Update on the last Weekend Whammy

Hey folks,

Just a quick update on why there hasn’t been a written version of my previous Weekend Whammy. The plan was to transcribe my audio (with proper editing to make it work in written form) and post it up as a regular Weekend Whammy. Had I been smart I would have used some speech-to-text software while I was recording the episode to gave me a basic transcript to work from, but obviously I’m dumber than a brick with brain-damage.

Patch Notes: Dead Computer Equals Unhappy Me

Hey folks,

So, I don’t usually do updates like this but I just wanted to let you all know what is currently going on in the world of Wolf. Simply put, my computer is currently dead.

Last week it started acting up and then died completely. I won’t bore you with the symptoms, but suffice to say I went through a lot of potential solutions and then eventually stripped it down part by part in order to locate the fault. I narrowed it down to being either the motherboard, a MSI X370 Titanium, or the Ryzen 5 1600 CPU. Both aren’t even a year old, and neither is even fully paid for yet. I’m pretty sure it’s the motherboard at fault, although I can’t be completely certain. I think it’s the more likely option, though.

Microsoft Reveal Xbox One List Of 104 Backwards Compatible Xbox 360 Games

Xbox One will be getting an update on November 12th that enables backwards compatibility with certain Xbox 360 games, an enticing prospect for those of us with extensive libraries of games. In anticipation Microsoft have released the list of games that will be compatible at the update’s launch, although more will be added in the…

Batman: Arkham Knight To Get Interim PC Patch In August

Following on from the disasterious launch of Batman: Arkham Knight, a game that was actually pretty damn good on console, Warner Bros. have announced via the game’s Steam that they’ll be launching an interim patch in August to hopefully tide player’s over until they can get the game working correctly and back on sale on…

Bungie Has “No Plans” To Add Raid Matchmaking To Destiny

Although they once stated they were considering it, Bungie have confirmed in an interview with Game Informer that they currently have no plans to add matchmaking to Destiny’s raids, despite a large portion of their fanbase asking for it. Speaking in the latest issue of Game Informer, sadly only available to UK residents digitally, Luke…

Bungie Considering Adding Matchmaking To Destiny’s Vault Of Glass Raid

Destiny’s massive Vault of Glass raid currently does not feature matchmaking and is designed for a full team of six players, leaving a lot of people unable to partake because their friends simply aren’t on at the right time or because they don’t know enough people still playing the game. Bungie’s reasoning behind the lack…